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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Buggy is Having a Boy!

I recently had a baby shower for my sister, Courtney. She is just the sweetest and I wanted to make sure that it was perfect for her! We kep't most of it a secret as we wanted her to be surprised! She is going to be a great mom! I can't wait to see that baby boy!!! Here are a few pics of the big day! She got so many cute things! Kelsey was a huge help directing guests as they came through the front door. Our craft was iron-on onesies, favors were potted plants,  and my awesome mother-in-law taught me how to make that blanket edging. Courtney enjoyed every minute and I am so glad that it was such a success for her! I love you, Bug!

Easter at the Fairchilds

We had such a great Easter!!! We had family over for the day. What fun! We had an Easter egg hunt in the back...Check out where Kelsey's basket was hidden! The kids got roller skates in their baskets and are constantly skating around the court. We made cupcake eggs and flowers for school treats and did take-out boxes with treats for Easter favors. We topped the day of with a performance from the band that Kelsey and Dylan created with kids from the court. They take it very seriously and have so much fun! It is a total riot!

Most of all Happy Easter! We are so grateful for our family, friends, and especially for the atonement! We are always here for you and let us know how we can ever help you and your families! Love, The Fairchilds

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kelsey had NINE teeth pulled!!!

Kelsey recently had 9 teeth pulled!!! She was so brave, scared, and excited all at the same time. We are so lucky to have an awesome dentist, that she totally loves. She was actually put under anesthesia. I of course balled as she was going under. She had a lot of support from family and friends who brought her special treats when they came to visit. While she rested in bed, she worked on her weaving loom and watched HSM3. Dylan was so worried and concerned for Kelsey and made her a bracelet and necklace. The tooth fairy had to work overtime for that payoff!!!

Camping with Kelsey's Brownie Troop

Kelsey and I had so much fun on the mother daughter camping trip for girl scouts. The troop is an awesome group of girls and leaders. Kels is such a natural leader and just has a great way with others. We panned for gold, went on a hike, went ice skating. and played in the snow. Looking at these pictures of my beautiful baby girl just make me so grateful!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April Fools Day 2009

The kids were surprised to wake up to blue milk on April Fools Day! It kinda grossed us all out. The kids insisted that if I added Hershey's syrup to it they would be able to drink it. Hmmm...talk about really looking gross! Not surprisingly though, they were able to drink it. Anyone who knows Kelsey and Dylan knows that they love their chocolate milk!